Contacting the Shield Response Team (SRT) - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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Contacting the Shield Response Team (SRT)

You can contact the Shield Response Team (SRT) in one of the following ways:

Support case

You can open a case under Amazon Shield in the Amazon Support Center console.

For guidance on creating a support case, see Amazon Web Services Support Center.

Select the severity appropriate to your situation and provide your contact details. In the description, provide as much detail as possible. Provide information about any protected resources that you think might be affected, and the current state of your end-user experience. For example, if your user experience is degraded or parts of your application are currently unavailable, provide that information.

  • For suspected DDoS attacks – If the availability or performance of your application is currently affected by a possible DDoS attack, choose the following severity and contact options:

    • For severity, choose the highest severity available for your support plan:

      • For Business support this is Production system down: < 1 hour.

      • For Enterprise support this is Business-critical system down: < 15 minutes.

    • For contact option, select either Phone or Chat and provide your details. Using a live contact method provides the fastest response.

Proactive engagement

With Amazon Shield Advanced proactive engagement, the SRT contacts you directly if the Amazon Route 53 health check associated with your protected resource becomes unhealthy during a detected event. For more information about this option, see Configuring proactive engagement.