Step 1: Join and configure Amazon Organizations - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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Step 1: Join and configure Amazon Organizations

To use Firewall Manager, your account must be a member of the organization in the Amazon Organizations service where you want to use your Firewall Manager policies.


For information about Organizations, see Amazon Organizations User Guide.

To establish the required Amazon Organizations membership and configuration
  1. Choose an account to use as the Firewall Manager administrator for the organization in Organizations.

  2. If your chosen account isn't already a member of the organization, have it join. Follow the guidance at Inviting an Amazon Web Services account to join your organization.

  3. Amazon Organizations has two available feature sets: consolidated billing features and all features. To use Firewall Manager, your organization must be enabled for all features. If your organization is configured only for consolidated billing, follow the guidance at Enabling All Features in Your Organization.