Why you should use the application integration SDKs with ACFP - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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Why you should use the application integration SDKs with ACFP

We highly recommend implementing the application integration SDKs, for the most efficient use of the ACFP rule group.

  • Complete rule group functionality – The ACFP rule SignalClientHumanInteractivityAbsentLow only works with tokens that are populated by the application integrations. This rule detects and manages abnormal human interactivity with the application page. The application integration SDKs can detect normal human interactivity through mouse movements, key presses, and other measurements. The interstitials that are sent by the rule actions CAPTCHA and Challenge can't provide this type of data.

  • Reduced latency – The rule group rule AllRequests applies the Challenge rule action to any request that doesn't already have a challenge token. When this happens, the request is evaluated by the rule group twice: once without the token, and then a second time after the token is acquired by means of the Challenge action interstitial. You aren't charged any added fees for only using the AllRequests rule, but this approach adds overhead to your web traffic and adds latency to your end user experience. If you acquire the token client-side using the application integrations, before sending the account creation request, the ACFP rule group evaluates the request once.

For more information about the rule group capabilities see Amazon WAF Fraud Control account creation fraud prevention (ACFP) rule group.

For information about the SDKs, see Amazon WAF client application integration. For information about Amazon WAF tokens, see Amazon WAF web request tokens. For information about the rule actions, see CAPTCHA and Challenge in Amazon WAF.