How the Amazon WAFCAPTCHA and Challenge rule actions work - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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How the Amazon WAFCAPTCHA and Challenge rule actions work

Amazon WAF CAPTCHA and Challenge are standard rule actions, so they're relatively easy to implement. To use either of them, you create the inspection criteria for your rule that identifies the requests that you want to inspect, and then specify one of the two rule actions. For general information about rule action options, see Rule action.

In addition to implementing silent challenges and CAPTCHA puzzles from the server side, you can integrate silent challenges in your JavaScript and iOS and Android client applications, and you can render CAPTCHA puzzles in your JavaScript clients. These integrations allow you to provide your end users with better performance and CAPTCHA puzzle experiences, and they can reduce costs associated with using the rule actions and the intelligent threat mitigation rule groups. For more information about these options, see Amazon WAF client application integration. For pricing information, see Amazon WAF Pricing.