Versioned managed rule groups - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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Versioned managed rule groups

Many managed rule group providers use versioning to update a rule group's options and capabilities. Usually, a specific version of a managed rule group is static. Occasionally, a provider might need to update some or all of the static versions of a managed rule group, for example, to respond to an emerging security threat.

When you use a versioned managed rule group in your web ACL, you can select the default version and let the provider manage which static version you use, or you can select a specific static version.

Can't find the version you want?

If you don't see a version in a rule group's version listing, the version is probably scheduled for expiration or already expired. After a version is scheduled for expiration, Amazon WAF no longer lets you to choose it for the rule group.

SNS notifications for Amazon Managed Rules rule groups

The Amazon Managed Rules rule groups all provide versioning and SNS update notifications except for the IP reputation rule group. The Amazon Managed Rules rule groups that provide notifications all use the same SNS topic Amazon Resource Name (ARN). To sign up for SNS notifications, see Getting notified of new versions and updates.