Rate limit the requests to a login page - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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Rate limit the requests to a login page

To limit the number of requests to the login page on your website without affecting traffic to the rest of your site, you could create a rate-based rule with a scope-down statement that matches requests to your login page and with the request aggregation set to Count all.

The rate-based rule will count all requests for the login page in a single aggregation instance and apply the rule action when the requests exceed the limit.

The following JSON listing shows an example of this rule configuration. The count all aggregation option is listed in the JSON as the setting CONSTANT. This example matches login pages that start with /login.

{ "Name": "test-rbr", "Priority": 0, "Action": { "Block": {} }, "VisibilityConfig": { "SampledRequestsEnabled": true, "CloudWatchMetricsEnabled": true, "MetricName": "test-rbr" }, "Statement": { "RateBasedStatement": { "Limit": 1000, "EvaluationWindowSec": 300, "AggregateKeyType": "CONSTANT", "ScopeDownStatement": { "ByteMatchStatement": { "FieldToMatch": { "UriPath": {} }, "PositionalConstraint": "STARTS_WITH", "SearchString": "/login", "TextTransformations": [ { "Type": "NONE", "Priority": 0 } ] } } } } }