Amazon WAF rules that match labels - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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Amazon WAF rules that match labels

You can use a label match statement to evaluate web request labels. You can match against Label, which requires the label name, or against Namespace, which requires a namespace specification. For either label or namespace, you can optionally include preceding namespaces and the prefix in your specification. For general information about this statement type, see Label match rule statement.

A label's prefix defines the context of the rule group or web ACL where the label's rule is defined. In a rule's label match statement, if your label or namespace match string doesn't specify the prefix, Amazon WAF uses the prefix for the label match rule.

  • Labels for rules that are defined directly inside a web ACL have a prefix that specifies the web ACL context.

  • Labels for rules that are inside a rule group have a prefix that specifies the rule group context. This could be your own rule group or a rule group that's managed for you.

For information about this, see label syntax under Amazon WAF label syntax and naming requirements.


Some managed rule groups add labels. You can retrieve these through the API by calling DescribeManagedRuleGroup. The labels are listed in the AvailableLabels property in the response.

If you want to match against a rule that's in a different context than the context of your rule, you must provide the prefix in your match string. For example, if you want to match against labels that are added by rules in a managed rule group, you could add a rule in your web ACL with a label match statement whose match string specifies the rule group's prefix followed by your additional match criteria.

In the match string for the label match statement, you specify either a label or a namespace:

  • Label – The label specification for a match consists of the ending part of the label. You can include any number of the contiguous namespaces that immediately precede the label name followed by the name. You can also provide the fully qualified label by starting the specification with the prefix.

    Example specifications:

    • testNS1:testNS2:LabelNameA

    • awswaf:managed:aws:managed-rule-set:testNS1:testNS2:LabelNameA

  • Namespace – The namespace specification for a match consists of any contiguous subset of the label specification excluding the name. You can include the prefix and you can include one or more namespace strings.

    Example specifications:

    • testNS1:testNS2:

    • awswaf:managed:aws:managed-rule-set:testNS1: