Amazon WAF token characteristics - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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Amazon WAF token characteristics

Each token has the following characteristics:

  • The token is stored in a cookie named aws-waf-token.

  • The token is encrypted.

  • The token fingerprints the client session with a sticky granular identifier that contains the following information:

    • The timestamp of the client's latest successful response to a silent challenge.

    • The timestamp of the end user's latest successful response to a CAPTCHA. This is only present if you use CAPTCHA in your protections.

    • Additional information about the client and client behavior that can help separate your legitimate clients from unwanted traffic. The information includes various client identifiers and client-side signals that can be used to detect automated activities. The information gathered is non-unique and can't be mapped to an individual human being.

      • All tokens include data from client browser interrogation, such as indications of automation and browser setting inconsistencies. This information is retrieved by the scripts that are run by the Challenge action and by the client application SDKs. The scripts actively interrogate the browser and put the results into the token.

      • Additionally, when you implement a client application integration SDK, the token includes passively collected information about the end user's interactivity with the application page. Interactivity includes mouse movements, key presses, and interactions with any HTML form that's present on the page. This information helps Amazon WAF detect the level of human interactivity in the client, to challenge users that do not seem to be human. For information about client side integrations, see Amazon WAF client application integration.

For security reasons, Amazon doesn't provide a complete description of the contents of Amazon WAF tokens or detailed information about the token encryption process.