Viewing the dashboards for a web ACL - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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Viewing the dashboards for a web ACL

Follow the procedure in this section to access the web ACL dashboards and set the data filtering criteria. If you recently associated a web ACL with an Amazon resource, you might need to wait a few minutes for data to become available in the dashboards.

The dashboards include the requests for all of the resources that you've associated with the web ACL.

To view the Traffic overview dashboards for a web ACL
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the Amazon WAF console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Web ACLs and then search for the web ACL that you're interested in.

  3. Select the web ACL. The console takes you to the web ACL's page. The Traffic overview tab is selected by default.

  4. Change the Data filters settings as needed.

    • Terminating rule actions – Select the terminating actions to include in the dashboards. The dashboards summarize the metrics for the web requests that had one of the selected actions applied by the web ACL evaluation. If you select all of the available actions, the dashboards include all evaluated web requests. For information about the actions, see How Amazon WAF handles rule and rule group actions in a web ACL.

    • Time range – Select the time interval to view in the dashboards. You can choose to view a time frame relative to now, for example the last 3 hours or the last week, and you can select an absolute time range from a calendar.

    • Time zone – This setting applies when you specify an absolute time range. You can use your browser's local time zone or UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Review the information in the tabs that you're interested in. The data filter selections apply to all of the dashboards. In the graph panes, you can hover the cursor over a data point or an area to see any additional details.

Count action rules

You can view information for count action matches in one of two places.

  • In this Traffic overview tab, on the All traffic dashboard, find the Top 10 rules pane and toggle Switch to count action. With this toggle on, the pane shows count rule matches instead of terminating rule matches.

  • In the web ACL's Sampled requests tab, see a graph of all rule matches and actions for the time range that you've set on the Traffic overview tab. For information about the Sampled requests tab, see Viewing a sample of web requests.

Amazon CloudWatch metrics

In the dashboard graph panes, you can access the CloudWatch metrics for the graphed data. Choose the option at the top of the graph pane or from the (vertical ellipsis) dropdown menu inside the pane.

Refreshing the dashboards

The dashboards don't refresh automatically. To update the display, choose the refresh Icon to refresh the dashboard graph icon.