Reboot a WorkSpace - Amazon WorkSpaces
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Reboot a WorkSpace

Occasionally, you might need to reboot (restart) a WorkSpace manually. Rebooting a WorkSpace disconnects the user and then performs a shutdown and reboot of the WorkSpace. To avoid data loss, make sure the user saves any open documents and other application files before you reboot the WorkSpace. The user data, operating system, and system settings are not affected.


To reboot an encrypted WorkSpace, first make sure that the Amazon KMS Key is enabled; otherwise, the WorkSpace becomes unusable. To determine whether a KMS Key is enabled, see Displaying KMS Key Details in the Amazon Key Management Service Developer Guide.

To reboot a WorkSpace
  1. Open the WorkSpaces console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose WorkSpaces.

  3. Select the WorkSpaces to reboot and choose Actions, Reboot WorkSpaces.

  4. When prompted for confirmation, choose Reboot WorkSpaces.

To reboot a WorkSpace using the Amazon CLI

Use the reboot-workspaces command.