Amazon Connect audio optimization support - Amazon WorkSpaces
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Amazon Connect audio optimization support

To use Amazon Connect audio optimization with your WorkSpace:

  • You must have the WorkSpaces Windows client version 4.0.6 or later installed.

  • You must have a web browser installed onto the WorkSpaces client endpoint that's supported by Amazon Connect. For the list of supported browsers, see Browsers supported by Amazon Connect.


    If you do not have a supported web browser, you will be asked to install a supported browser.

  • You must have an existing Amazon Connect account.

Log in to your WorkSpace and Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel (CCP)

Log in to your WorkSpace and Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel (CCP)

After your administrator has enabled Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel (CCP) audio optimization, log in to your WorkSpace and the CCP Panel.

  1. Open the WorkSpaces client and log in to your WorkSpace.

  2. A web browser will open locally, displaying your CCP login page.

  3. Log in to your CCP in the local browser window. When you have logged in, CCP audio optimization is enabled.

  4. Switch back to your WorkSpaces window, but keep the local browser window running in the background.

    • If you close the local browser window that you used to log in to CCP, you will lose your CCP audio (though your WorkSpaces client will continue running).

    • If you close your WorkSpaces window, your local browser window will also close, and your CCP audio will stop.

If you accidentally close your local browser CCP window or if it crashes, you can restart it. Go to the menu bar, select Add-in, and then select the administrator-given CCP name.

For more information about using Amazon Connect, go to the Agent training guide.