TieringPolicy - Amazon FSx
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Describes the data tiering policy for an ONTAP volume. When enabled, Amazon FSx for ONTAP's intelligent tiering automatically transitions a volume's data between the file system's primary storage and capacity pool storage based on your access patterns.



Specifies the number of days that user data in a volume must remain inactive before it is considered "cold" and moved to the capacity pool. Used with the AUTO and SNAPSHOT_ONLY tiering policies. Enter a whole number between 2 and 183. Default values are 31 days for AUTO and 2 days for SNAPSHOT_ONLY.

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 2. Maximum value of 183.

Required: No


Specifies the tiering policy used to transition data. Default value is SNAPSHOT_ONLY.

  • SNAPSHOT_ONLY - moves cold snapshots to the capacity pool storage tier.

  • AUTO - moves cold user data and snapshots to the capacity pool storage tier based on your access patterns.

  • ALL - moves all user data blocks in both the active file system and Snapshot copies to the storage pool tier.

  • NONE - keeps a volume's data in the primary storage tier, preventing it from being moved to the capacity pool tier.

Type: String


Required: No

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