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AWS 为您提供了各种可以用来监控 AWS IoT 的工具。您可以配置其中的一些工具来为您执行监控任务,但有些工具需要手动干预。建议您尽可能实现监控任务自动化。


您可以使用以下自动化监控工具来监控 AWS IoT 并在出现错误时报告:

  • Amazon CloudWatch Alarms – Watch a single metric over a time period that you specify, and perform one or more actions based on the value of the metric relative to a given threshold over a number of time periods. The action is a notification sent to an Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) topic or Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling policy. CloudWatch alarms do not invoke actions simply because they are in a particular state; the state must have changed and been maintained for a specified number of periods. For more information, see 使用 Amazon CloudWatch 进行监控.

  • Amazon CloudWatch Logs – Monitor, store, and access your log files from AWS CloudTrail or other sources. For more information, see Monitoring Log Files in the Amazon CloudWatch 用户指南.

  • Amazon CloudWatch Events – Match events and route them to one or more target functions or streams to make changes, capture state information, and take corrective action. For more information, see What is Amazon CloudWatch Events in the Amazon CloudWatch 用户指南.

  • AWS CloudTrail Log Monitoring – Share log files between accounts, monitor CloudTrail log files in real time by sending them to CloudWatch Logs, write log processing applications in Java, and validate that your log files have not changed after delivery by CloudTrail. For more information, see Working with CloudTrail Log Files in the AWS CloudTrail User Guide.


监控 AWS IoT 时的另一个重要环节是手动监控 CloudWatch 警报未涵盖的项目。AWS IoT、CloudWatch 和其他 AWS 控制台控制面板提供您的 AWS 环境状态的概览视图。建议您另外查看 AWS IoT 上的日志文件。

  • AWS IoT 控制面板显示:

    • CA 证书

    • 证书

    • 策略

    • 规则

    • 事物

  • CloudWatch 主页显示:

    • 当前警报和状态

    • 警报和资源的图表

    • 服务运行状况

    此外,您还可以使用 CloudWatch 执行以下操作:

    • 创建自定义控制面板以监控您关心的服务

    • 绘制指标数据图,以排除问题并弄清楚趋势

    • 搜索并浏览您所有的 AWS 资源指标

    • 创建和编辑警报以接收有关问题的通知