FunctionEventInvokeConfig - Amazon Lambda
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A destination for events after they have been sent to a function for processing.


  • Function - The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of a Lambda function.

  • Queue - The ARN of an SQS queue.

  • Topic - The ARN of an SNS topic.

  • Event Bus - The ARN of an Amazon EventBridge event bus.

Type: DestinationConfig object

Required: No


The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the function.

Type: String

Pattern: arn:(aws[a-zA-Z-]*)?:lambda:[a-z]{2}(-gov)?-[a-z]+-\d{1}:\d{12}:function:[a-zA-Z0-9-_]+(:(\$LATEST|[a-zA-Z0-9-_]+))?

Required: No


The date and time that the configuration was last updated, in Unix time seconds.

Type: Timestamp

Required: No


The maximum age of a request that Lambda sends to a function for processing.

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 60. Maximum value of 21600.

Required: No


The maximum number of times to retry when the function returns an error.

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 0. Maximum value of 2.

Required: No

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