Amazon License Manager 入门 - Amazon License Manager
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Amazon License Manager 入门

以下部分将指导您设置Amazon Web Services 账户和用户以及如何入门License Manager。有关在遵循Amazon最佳做法的License Manager同时管理用户、组和角色的权限的更多信息,请参阅适用于 Amazon License Manager 的 Identity and Access Management。有关设置与集成的Amazon EC2资源的更多信息License Manager,请参阅《Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud用户指南》Amazon EC2中的 “设置使用”。


以下部分详细介绍了设置您的Amazon Web Services 账户和用户。

Sign up for an Amazon Web Services 账户

如果您没有 Amazon 账户,请通过以下步骤创建一个账户。

注册 Amazon
  1. 打开,然后选择 Create an Amazon Web Services 账户

  2. 按照屏幕上的说明进行操作。

Amazon sends you a confirmation email after the sign-up process is complete. At any time, you can view your current account activity and manage your account by going to and choosing My Account.

Secure IAM users

After you sign up for an Amazon Web Services 账户, safeguard your administrative user by turning on multi-factor authentication (MFA). For instructions, see Enable a virtual MFA device for an IAM user (console) in the IAM 用户指南.

To give other users access to your Amazon Web Services 账户 resources, create IAM users. To secure your IAM users, turn on MFA and only give the IAM users the permissions needed to perform their tasks.

For more information about creating and securing IAM users, see the following topics in the IAM 用户指南:

可在机License Manager上使用Amazon Web Services Management Console

需要执行以下步骤才能开始使用License Manager。完成初始要求后,您可以继续将其License Manager用于所需的用例。

开始使用 License Manager
  1. 从 License Manager 打开 控制台。

  2. 系统会提示您为License Manager及其支持服务配置权限。按照说明配置所需的权限。

  3. 初始设置完成后,您可以根据需要继续License Manager使用License Manager 使用案例