Comparing Amazon Linux 2022 standard (default) and minimal AMIs - Amazon Linux 2022
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Comparing Amazon Linux 2022 standard (default) and minimal AMIs

You can choose to use a standard or minimal Amazon Machine Image (AMI) of Amazon Linux 2022 (AL2022).

The standard Amazon Linux 2022 AMI is the default Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that you create. This version comes installed with all of the most commonly used applications and tools. We recommend the standard AMI if you want to get started quickly and aren't interested in customizing the AMI.

The minimal Amazon Linux 2022 AMI is the basic, streamlined version that contains only the most basic tools and utilities necessary to run the OS. We recommend the minimal AMI if you want to have the smallest possible OS footprint possible. The minimal AMI offers slightly reduced disk space utilization and better long-term cost efficiency. The minimal AMI is suitable if you want a smaller OS and don't mind manually installing tools and applications.

For instructions on how to create an Amazon EC2 instance of the standard or minimal AMI type, see Get started with Amazon Linux 2022.