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Class: Aws::AutoScaling::Types::StartInstanceRefreshType

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When passing StartInstanceRefreshType as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  auto_scaling_group_name: "XmlStringMaxLen255", # required
  strategy: "Rolling", # accepts Rolling
  preferences: {
    min_healthy_percentage: 1,
    instance_warmup: 1,

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Instance Attribute Details


The name of the Auto Scaling group.


  • (String)

    The name of the Auto Scaling group.


Set of preferences associated with the instance refresh request.

If not provided, the default values are used. For MinHealthyPercentage, the default value is 90. For InstanceWarmup, the default is to use the value specified for the health check grace period for the Auto Scaling group.

For more information, see RefreshPreferences in the Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling API Reference.



The strategy to use for the instance refresh. The only valid value is Rolling.

A rolling update is an update that is applied to all instances in an Auto Scaling group until all instances have been updated. A rolling update can fail due to failed health checks or if instances are on standby or are protected from scale in. If the rolling update process fails, any instances that were already replaced are not rolled back to their previous configuration.

Possible values:

  • Rolling


  • (String)

    The strategy to use for the instance refresh.