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Module: Aws::ElastiCache

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This module provides a client for making API requests to Amazon ElastiCache.


The Client class provides one-to-one mapping for each API operation.

elasticache = 'us-east-1')
#=> [:add_tags_to_resource, :authorize_cache_security_group_ingress, :batch_apply_update_action, :batch_stop_update_action, ...]

Each API operation method accepts a hash of request parameters and returns a response object.

resp = elasticache.add_tags_to_resource(params)

See Client for more information.


Errors returned from Amazon ElastiCache are defined in the Errors module and extend Errors::ServiceError.

  # do stuff
rescue Aws::ElastiCache::Errors::ServiceError
  # rescues all errors returned by Amazon ElastiCache

See Errors for more information.

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Modules: Errors, Types Classes: Client