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Class: Aws::ElasticsearchService::Types::StorageType

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StorageTypes represents the list of storage related types and their attributes that are available for given InstanceType.

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Instance Attribute Details


SubType of the given storage type. List of available sub-storage options: For "instance" storageType we wont have any storageSubType, in case of "ebs" storageType we will have following valid storageSubTypes

  1. standard
  2. gp2
  3. io1
Refer VolumeType for more information regarding above EBS storage options.


  • (String)

    SubType of the given storage type.


List of limits that are applicable for given storage type.



Type of the storage. List of available storage options:

  1. instance
  2. Inbuilt storage available for the given Instance
  3. ebs
  4. Elastic block storage that would be attached to the given Instance


  • (String)

    Type of the storage.