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Class: Aws::GameLift::Types::TargetConfiguration

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When passing TargetConfiguration as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  target_value: 1.0, # required

Settings for a target-based scaling policy (see ScalingPolicy. A target-based policy tracks a particular fleet metric specifies a target value for the metric. As player usage changes, the policy triggers Amazon GameLift to adjust capacity so that the metric returns to the target value. The target configuration specifies settings as needed for the target based policy, including the target value.

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Desired value to use with a target-based scaling policy. The value must be relevant for whatever metric the scaling policy is using. For example, in a policy using the metric PercentAvailableGameSessions, the target value should be the preferred size of the fleet\'s buffer (the percent of capacity that should be idle and ready for new game sessions).


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    Desired value to use with a target-based scaling policy.