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Class: Aws::KinesisVideoArchivedMedia::Types::ClipFragmentSelector

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When passing ClipFragmentSelector as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  fragment_selector_type: "PRODUCER_TIMESTAMP", # required, accepts PRODUCER_TIMESTAMP, SERVER_TIMESTAMP
  timestamp_range: { # required
    start_timestamp:, # required
    end_timestamp:, # required

Describes the timestamp range and timestamp origin of a range of fragments.

Fragments that have duplicate producer timestamps are deduplicated. This means that if producers are producing a stream of fragments with producer timestamps that are approximately equal to the true clock time, the clip will contain all of the fragments within the requested timestamp range. If some fragments are ingested within the same time range and very different points in time, only the oldest ingested collection of fragments are returned.

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The origin of the timestamps to use (Server or Producer).

Possible values:



  • (String)

    The origin of the timestamps to use (Server or Producer).


The range of timestamps to return.