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Class: Aws::SSM::Types::CreateAssociationBatchRequest

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When passing CreateAssociationBatchRequest as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  entries: [ # required
      name: "DocumentARN", # required
      instance_id: "InstanceId",
      parameters: {
        "ParameterName" => ["ParameterValue"],
      automation_target_parameter_name: "AutomationTargetParameterName",
      document_version: "DocumentVersion",
      targets: [
          key: "TargetKey",
          values: ["TargetValue"],
      schedule_expression: "ScheduleExpression",
      output_location: {
        s3_location: {
          output_s3_region: "S3Region",
          output_s3_bucket_name: "S3BucketName",
          output_s3_key_prefix: "S3KeyPrefix",
      association_name: "AssociationName",
      max_errors: "MaxErrors",
      max_concurrency: "MaxConcurrency",
      compliance_severity: "CRITICAL", # accepts CRITICAL, HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, UNSPECIFIED
      sync_compliance: "AUTO", # accepts AUTO, MANUAL
      apply_only_at_cron_interval: false,

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One or more associations.