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Class: Aws::SSM::Types::MaintenanceWindowTaskInvocationParameters

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When passing MaintenanceWindowTaskInvocationParameters as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  run_command: {
    comment: "Comment",
    cloud_watch_output_config: {
      cloud_watch_log_group_name: "CloudWatchLogGroupName",
      cloud_watch_output_enabled: false,
    document_hash: "DocumentHash",
    document_hash_type: "Sha256", # accepts Sha256, Sha1
    document_version: "DocumentVersion",
    notification_config: {
      notification_arn: "NotificationArn",
      notification_events: ["All"], # accepts All, InProgress, Success, TimedOut, Cancelled, Failed
      notification_type: "Command", # accepts Command, Invocation
    output_s3_bucket_name: "S3BucketName",
    output_s3_key_prefix: "S3KeyPrefix",
    parameters: {
      "ParameterName" => ["ParameterValue"],
    service_role_arn: "ServiceRole",
    timeout_seconds: 1,
  automation: {
    document_version: "DocumentVersion",
    parameters: {
      "AutomationParameterKey" => ["AutomationParameterValue"],
  step_functions: {
    input: "MaintenanceWindowStepFunctionsInput",
    name: "MaintenanceWindowStepFunctionsName",
  lambda: {
    client_context: "MaintenanceWindowLambdaClientContext",
    qualifier: "MaintenanceWindowLambdaQualifier",
    payload: "data",

The parameters for task execution.

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The parameters for an AUTOMATION task type.



The parameters for a LAMBDA task type.



The parameters for a RUN_COMMAND task type.



The parameters for a STEP_FUNCTIONS task type.