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Class: Aws::Signer::Types::SigningPlatformOverrides

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When passing SigningPlatformOverrides as input to an Aws::Client method, you can use a vanilla Hash:

  signing_configuration: {
    encryption_algorithm: "RSA", # accepts RSA, ECDSA
    hash_algorithm: "SHA1", # accepts SHA1, SHA256
  signing_image_format: "JSON", # accepts JSON, JSONEmbedded, JSONDetached

Any overrides that are applied to the signing configuration of a code signing platform.

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A signing configuration that overrides the default encryption or hash algorithm of a signing job.



A signed image is a JSON object. When overriding the default signing platform configuration, a customer can select either of two signing formats, JSONEmbedded or JSONDetached. (A third format value, JSON, is reserved for future use.) With JSONEmbedded, the signing image has the payload embedded in it. With JSONDetached, the payload is not be embedded in the signing image.

Possible values:

  • JSON
  • JSONEmbedded
  • JSONDetached


  • (String)

    A signed image is a JSON object.