Getting Started with Amazon AWS
AWS services or capabilities described in AWS documentation might vary by Region. To see the differences applicable to the China Regions, see Getting Started with Amazon AWS.

Signup, Accounts, and Credentials

To use Amazon AWS services, you need an account and credentials specific to Amazon AWS, the suite of Amazon Web Services available in the Beijing and Ningxia (China) Regions. Accounts created for other AWS Regions won't work for Amazon AWS. Similarly, Amazon AWS accounts won't work in AWS Regions outside the Beijing and Ningxia Regions. To use services in another Region, Amazon AWS customers need to sign up for an account in that Region.

To comply with Chinese law and regulations, Amazon AWS customers who want to make content publicly available via Amazon AWS services are required to first file for Internet Content Provider (ICP) recordal with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Until ICP recordal is complete, Amazon AWS customers are granted an Internal Access Account, which provides limited access to Amazon AWS features. Amazon AWS customers who don't intend to publish content publicly aren't required to complete ICP recordal. These customers can get started right away by signing up for an Internal Access Account and using Amazon AWS services for personal projects or for projects internal to their organization. To use all of the Amazon AWS features, customers need a Full Access Account. The two account types are described in more detail below.


The AWS Management Console walks you through the process of signing up for Amazon AWS. The steps below provide a high-level overview of signup.

To sign up for Amazon AWS:

  1. Go to and register with Amazon AWS.

  2. Receive an Internal Access Account.

  3. (Optional) Complete the ICP recordal process. This step is necessary for publishing content for public consumption. When you've completed ICP recordal, you'll receive a Full Access Account.

  4. Receive your Amazon AWS account credentials. The credentials consist of an account ID, access key ID, and secret access key. Note that you can't use your Amazon AWS credentials to access any other AWS Region.

IAM Credentials

To use the Amazon AWS console, you must have credentials provided by AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). All users have to create IAM credentials during the sign-up process. When you first sign up for Amazon AWS, you create an IAM user administrator. Then you can sign in to the Amazon AWS console with your account ID.

The administrator has full access to manage Amazon AWS resources. For example, as the administrator, you can create additional IAM users by using the Amazon AWS console. You can then manage users and their permissions by assigning them to groups. For more information about users, groups, and policies, see Working with Users and Groups. To learn more about IAM and about credentials in Amazon AWS, see AWS Identity and Access Management.

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