Getting Started with Amazon AWS
AWS services or capabilities described in AWS Documentation may vary by region/location. Click Getting Started with Amazon AWS to see specific differences applicable to the China (Beijing) Region.

Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon ElastiCache is a web service that makes it easy to set up, manage, and scale distributed in-memory cache environments in the cloud. It provides a high performance, resizable, and cost-effective in-memory cache, while removing the complexity associated with deploying and managing a distributed cache environment. You can choose from Memcached or Redis protocol-compliant cache engine software, and let ElastiCache perform software upgrades and patch management for you automatically.

Please note the following Amazon AWS implementation particulars, which are potentially relevant to all services in the China (Beijing) Region.

  • To use services in the Beijing Region, you need an account and credentials specific to the Beijing Region. Accounts and credentials for other AWS Regions will not work for services operating in the Beijing Region. Likewise, accounts and credentials for the Beijing Region will not work for other AWS Regions.

  • There are two Availability Zones in the Beijing Region.

  • In IAM, you can grant or deny a service access to resources using the Principal policy element. Service principal values vary by Region.

  • The endpoints for services in the Beijing Region are different from other global endpoints. For an endpoint in the Beijing Region, the Region value should be cn-north-1 and the domain should be For example, the endpoint for Elastic Load Balancing in the Beijing Region is Endpoint syntax varies from service to service. For more information, see China (Beijing) Region and the service-specific documentation.

  • The EC2-Classic platform is not supported.

  • AWS Marketplace is not supported.

  • The free usage tier is not available in the Beijing Region.

  • Currently, the AWS Glossary is available only in English.

  • In the Beijing Region, the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) syntax includes a cn. For example: arn:aws-cn:iam::123456789012:user/division_abc/subdivision_xyz/Bob.

Feature Availability and Implementation Differences

  • Currently, the Beijing Region supports a single Availability Zone. As a result, flexible node placement is not available for Memcached caches, and Multi-AZ replication is not available for Redis nodes.

  • Currently, ElastiCache does not have a graphical console in the Beijing Region. As a result, all work with ElastiCache must use either the CLI or APIs.

  • When granting ElastiCache read access to your .rdb file on Amazon S3 in the Beijing Region, type the canonical ID b14d6a125bdf69854ed8ef2e71d8a20b7c490f252229b806e514966e490b8d83 in the Grantee field instead of

  • Currently, ElastiCache for Redis encryption features, in-transit and at-rest, aren't supported in the Beijing Region.

User Guides

Amazon AWS user guides are available in HTML and PDF, in both Chinese and English. API guides are available in HTML and PDF, in English only. Currently, the API guides are not available in the Beijing Region. Links to API guides will take you to the global AWS site. Note that some features and functionality described in the guides may not be available in the current Amazon AWS release.