AWS适用于 的 托管策略AWS Direct Connect - AWS Direct Connect
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AWS适用于 的 托管策略AWS Direct Connect

To add permissions to users, groups, and roles, it is easier to use AWS managed policies than to write policies yourself. It takes time and expertise to create IAM customer managed policies that provide your team with only the permissions they need. To get started quickly, you can use our AWS managed policies. These policies cover common use cases and are available in your AWS account. For more information about AWS managed policies, see AWS managed policies in the IAM 用户指南.

AWS services maintain and update AWS managed policies. You can't change the permissions in AWS managed policies. Services occasionally add additional permissions to an AWS managed policy to support new features. This type of update affects all identities (users, groups, and roles) where the policy is attached. Services are most likely to update an AWS managed policy when a new feature is launched or when new operations become available. Services do not remove permissions from an AWS managed policy, so policy updates won't break your existing permissions.

Additionally, AWS supports managed policies for job functions that span multiple services. For example, the ReadOnlyAccess AWS managed policy provides read-only access to all AWS services and resources. When a service launches a new feature, AWS adds read-only permissions for new operations and resources. For a list and descriptions of job function policies, see AWS managed policies for job functions in the IAM 用户指南.

AWS Direct Connect 对AWS托管策略的 更新

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变更 描述 日期

AWS Direct Connect 开始跟踪更改

为了支持 MACSecurity添加了 AWSServiceRoleForDirectConnect 服务相关角色。有关更多信息,请参阅对 AWS Direct Connect 使用服务相关角色


AWS Direct Connect 开始跟踪更改

AWS Direct Connect 开始跟踪其AWS托管策略的更改。