AWS Directory Service
管理指南 (版本 1.0)
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AWS Managed Microsoft AD 的限制

下面是 AWS Managed Microsoft AD 的默认限制。除非另有说明,否则每个区域具有各自的限制。

AWS Managed Microsoft AD 限制

资源 默认限制
AWS Managed Microsoft AD 目录 10
手动快照* 5/AWS Managed Microsoft AD
每个目录的最大域控制器数量 20

* 手动快照限制无法更改。


有关存储和对象限制,请参阅 AWS Directory Service 定价页面上的比较表

Increase Your Limit

Perform the following steps to increase your limit for a region.

To request a limit increase for a region

  1. Go to the AWS Support Center page, sign in, if necessary, and click Open a new case.

  2. Under Regarding, select Service Limit Increase.

  3. Under Limit Type, select AWS Directory Service.

  4. Fill in all of the necessary fields in the form and click the button at the bottom of the page for your desired method of contact.