Tutorial: Extending your AWS Managed Microsoft AD schema - AWS Directory Service
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Tutorial: Extending your AWS Managed Microsoft AD schema

In this tutorial, you will learn how to extend the schema for your AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory directory, also known as AWS Managed Microsoft AD, by adding unique attributes and classes that meet your specific requirements. AWS Managed Microsoft AD schema extensions can only be uploaded and applied using a valid LDIF (Lightweight Directory Interchange Format) script file.

属性 (attributeSchema) 定义数据库中的字段,而类 (classSchema) 定义数据库中的表。For example, all of the user objects in Active Directory are defined by the schema class User while the individual properties of a user, such as email address or phone number, are each defined by an attribute.

如果您要添加新属性 (如 Shoe-Size),您需要定义一个 integer. 类型的新属性。您还可以定义下限和上限,如 1 到 20。Once the Shoe-Size attributeSchema object has been created, you would then alter the User classSchema object to contain that attribute. 属性可以关联到多个类。Shoe-Size could also be added to the Contact class for example. 有关 Active Directory 架构的更多信息,请参阅何时扩展 AWS Managed Microsoft AD 架构.


Step 1: Create your LDIF file

首先,创建一个 LDIF 文件并定义新属性和应将这项属性添加到的任何类。您可以将此文件用于工作流程的下一阶段。

Step 2: Import your LDIF file

在此步骤中,您将使用 AWS Directory Service 控制台将 LDIF 文件导入您的 Microsoft AD 环境。

Step 3: Verify if the schema extension was successful

最后,您以管理员身份使用 EC2 实例来验证新扩展是否出现在 Active Directory 架构管理单元中。