AWS Directory Service
管理指南 (版本 1.0)
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使用以下过程可将用户添加到其 EC2 实例加入到您的 Simple AD 目录的安全组。

To add a user to a group

  1. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers tool. There is a shortcut to this tool in the Administrative Tools folder.


    You can run the following from a command prompt on the instance to open the Active Directory Users and Computers tool box directly.

  2. In the directory tree, select the OU under your directory's NetBIOS name OU where you stored your group, and select the group that you want to add a user as a member.

  3. On the Action menu, click Properties to open the properties dialog box for the group.

  4. Select the Members tab and click Add.

  5. For Enter the object names to select, type the username you want to add and click OK. The name will be displayed in the Members list. Click OK again to update the group membership.

  6. Verify that the user is now a member of the group by selecting the user in the Users folder and clicking Properties in the Action menu to open the properties dialog box. Select the Member Of tab. You should see the name of the group in the list of groups that the user belongs to.