Security in Elastic Load Balancing - Elastic Load Balancing
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Security in Elastic Load Balancing

AWS 的云安全性的优先级最高。作为 AWS 客户,您将从专为满足大多数安全敏感型组织的要求而打造的数据中心和网络架构中受益。

安全性是 AWS 和您的共同责任。责任共担模型将其描述为云的安全性和云中的安全性:

  • Security of the cloud – AWS is responsible for protecting the infrastructure that runs AWS services in the AWS Cloud. AWS also provides you with services that you can use securely. Third-party auditors regularly test and verify the effectiveness of our security as part of the AWS compliance programs. To learn about the compliance programs that apply to Elastic Load Balancing, see AWS services in scope by compliance program.

  • Security in the cloud – Your responsibility is determined by the AWS service that you use. You are also responsible for other factors including the sensitivity of your data, your company's requirements, and applicable laws and regulations.

该文档帮助您了解如何在使用 Elastic Load Balancing 时应用责任共担模型。其中说明了如何配置 Elastic Load Balancing 以实现您的安全性和合规性目标。您还将了解如何使用其他 AWS 服务来帮助您监控和保护 Elastic Load Balancing 资源。