Spot Fleet - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
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Spot Fleet

A Spot Fleet is a set of Spot Instances and optionally On-Demand Instances that is launched based on criteria that you specify. The Spot Fleet selects the Spot capacity pools that meet your needs and launches Spot Instances to meet the target capacity for the fleet. By default, Spot Fleets are set to maintain target capacity by launching replacement instances after Spot Instances in the fleet are terminated. You can submit a Spot Fleet as a one-time request, which does not persist after the instances have been terminated. You can include On-Demand Instance requests in a Spot Fleet request.


If you want to use a console to create a fleet that includes Spot Instances, we recommend using an Auto Scaling group rather than Spot Fleet. For more information, see Auto Scaling groups with multiple instance types and purchase options in the Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling User Guide.

If you want to use the Amazon CLI to create a fleet that includes Spot Instances, we recommend using either an Auto Scaling group or EC2 Fleet rather than Spot Fleet. The RequestSpotFleet API, on which Spot Fleet is based, is a legacy API with no planned investment.

For more information about the recommended APIs to use, see Which is the best Spot request method to use?