Configuring access policy - Amazon Simple Queue Service
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Configuring access policy

When you edit a queue, you can configure its access policy.

The access policy defines the accounts, users, and roles that can access the queue. The access policy also defines the actions (such as SendMessage, ReceiveMessage, or DeleteMessage) that the users can access. The default policy allows only the queue owner to send and receive messages.

To configure the access policy for an existing queue (console)
  1. Open the Amazon SQS console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Queues.

  3. Choose a queue and choose Edit.

  4. Scroll to the Access policy section.

  5. Edit the access policy statements in the input box. For more on access policy statements, see Identity and access management in Amazon SQS.

  6. When you finish configuring the access policy, choose Save.