Editing an Amazon SQS queue using the console - Amazon Simple Queue Service
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Editing an Amazon SQS queue using the console

You can use the Amazon SQS console to edit any queue configuration parameters (except the queue type) and add or remove queue features.

To edit an Amazon SQS queue (console)
  1. Open the Queues page of the Amazon SQS console.

  2. Select a queue, and then choose Edit.

  3. (Optional) Under Configuration, update the queue's configuration parameters.

  4. (Optional) To update the access policy, under Access policy, modify the JSON policy.

  5. (Optional) To update a dead-letter queue redrive allow policy, expand Redrive allow policy.

  6. (Optional) To update or remove encryption, expand Encryption.

  7. (Optional) To add, update, or remove a dead-letter queue (which allows you to receive undeliverable messages), expand Dead-letter queue.

  8. (Optional) To add, update, or remove the tags for the queue, expand Tags.

  9. Choose Save.

    The console displays the Details page for the queue.