Deleting an Amazon SQS queue - Amazon Simple Queue Service
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Deleting an Amazon SQS queue

If you no longer use an Amazon SQS queue and don't foresee using it in the near future, we recommend deleting it.


If you want to verify that a queue is empty before you delete it, see Confirming that an Amazon SQS queue is empty.

You can delete a queue even when it isn't empty. To delete the messages in a queue but not the queue itself, purge the queue.

To delete a queue (console)
  1. Open the Amazon SQS console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Queues.

  3. On the Queues page, choose the queue to delete.

  4. Choose Delete.

  5. In the Delete queue dialog box, confirm the deletion by entering delete.

  6. Choose Delete.

To delete a queue (Amazon CLI and API)

You can use one of the following commands to delete a queue: