Create a new project - Amazon CloudWatch
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Create a new project

Use these steps to set up a new CloudWatch Evidently project.

To create a new CloudWatch Evidently project
  1. Open the CloudWatch console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Application Signals, Evidently.

  3. Choose Create project.

  4. For Project name, enter a name to be used to identify this project within the CloudWatch Evidently console.

    You can optionally add a project description.

  5. For Evaluation event storage, choose whether you want to store the evaluation events that you collect with Evidently. Even if you don't store these events, Evidently aggregates them to create metrics and other experiment data that you can view in the Evidently dashboard. For more information, see Project data storage.

  6. For Use client-side evaluation, choose whether you want to enable client-side evaluation for this project. With client-side evaluation, your application can assign variations to user sessions locally instead of by calling the EvaluateFeature operation. This mitigates the latency and availability risks that come with an API call. For more information, see Use client-side evaluation - powered by Amazon AppConfig.

    To create a project with client-side evaluation, you must have the evidently:ExportProjectAsConfiguration permission.

    If you enable client-side evaluation, also do the following:

    1. Choose whether to use an existing Amazon AppConfig application or create a new one.

    2. Choose whether to use an existing Amazon AppConfig environment or create a new one.

      For more information about applications and environments in Amazon AppConfig, see How Amazon AppConfig works.

  7. (Optional) To add tags to this project, choose Tags, Add new tag.

    Then, for Key, enter a name for the tag. You can add an optional value for the tag in Value.

    To add another tag, choose Add new tag again.

    For more information, see Tagging Amazon Resources.

  8. Choose Create project.