Troubleshooting CloudWatch RUM - Amazon CloudWatch
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Troubleshooting CloudWatch RUM

This section contains tips to help you troubleshoot CloudWatch RUM.

There is no data for my application

First, make sure that the code snippet has been correctly inserted into your application. For more information, see Step 4: Insert the code snippet into your application.

If that is not the issue, then maybe there has been no traffic to your application yet. Generate some traffic by accessing your application the same way that a user would.

Data has stopped being recorded for my application

Your application might have been updated and now no longer contains a CloudWatch RUM code snippet. Check your application code.

Another possibility is that someone may have updated the code snippet but then didn't insert the updated snippet into the application. Find the current correct code snippet by following the directions in How do I find a code snippet that I've already generated? and compare it to the code snippet that is pasted into your application.