CloudWatch cross-account observability dashboard - Amazon CloudWatch
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CloudWatch cross-account observability dashboard

If you have multiple Amazon accounts, you can set up CloudWatch cross-account observability and then create rich cross-account dashboards in your monitoring accounts. You can seamlessly search, visualize, and analyze your metrics, logs, and traces without account boundaries.

For more information about setting up CloudWatch cross-account observability, see CloudWatch cross-account observability.

With CloudWatch cross-account observability, you can do the following in a dashboard in a monitoring account:

  • Search, view, and create graphs of metrics that reside in source accounts. A single graph can include metrics from multiple accounts.

  • Create alarms in the monitoring account that watch metrics in source accounts.

  • View the log events from log groups located in source accounts, and run CloudWatch Logs Insights queries of log groups in source accounts. A single CloudWatch Logs Insights query in a monitoring account can query multiple log groups in multiple source accounts at once.

  • View nodes from source accounts in service maps in both X-Ray and CloudWatch ServiceLens. You can then filter the map to specific source accounts.

When you are signed in to a monitoring account, a blue Monitoring account badge appears at the top right of every page that supports CloudWatch cross-account observability functionality.