Amazon ECR public repositories - Amazon ECR Public
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Amazon ECR public repositories

Amazon Elastic Container Registry provides API operations to create, monitor, and delete public image repositories and set permissions that control who can push images to them. You can perform the same actions in the Repositories section of the Amazon ECR console. Amazon ECR integrates with the Docker CLI to push images from your development environments to your public repositories.

A public repository is open to pull images from and is visible on the Amazon ECR Public Gallery. When you create a public repository, you specify catalog data that helps users find and use your images. For more information about the Amazon ECR Public Gallery, see Using the Amazon ECR Public Gallery.

Public repository concepts

  • The public repositories that you create with images appear publicly on the Amazon ECR Public Gallery. Visit the Amazon ECR Public Gallery at For more information, see Using the Amazon ECR Public Gallery.

  • By default, your account has read and write access to the repositories in your public registry. However, users require permissions to make calls to the Amazon ECR APIs and to push images to your repositories.

  • Public repositories can be controlled with both IAM user access policies and repository policies. For more information, see Public repository policies.