Specifying the RAM disk for the stats_temp_directory - Amazon Aurora
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Specifying the RAM disk for the stats_temp_directory

You can use the Aurora PostgreSQL parameter, rds.pg_stat_ramdisk_size, to specify the system memory allocated to a RAM disk for storing the PostgreSQL stats_temp_directory. The RAM disk parameter is only available in Aurora PostgreSQL 14 and lower versions.

Under certain workloads, setting this parameter can improve performance and decrease IO requirements. For more information about the stats_temp_directory, see Run-time Statistics in the PostgreSQL documentation. From PostgreSQL version 15, the PostgreSQL community switched to use dynamic shared memory. So, there is no need to set stats_temp_directory.

To enable a RAM disk for your stats_temp_directory, set the rds.pg_stat_ramdisk_size parameter to a non-zero value in the DB cluster parameter group used by your DB cluster. This parameter denotes MB, so you must use an integer value. Expressions, formulas, and functions aren't valid for the rds.pg_stat_ramdisk_size parameter. Be sure to restart the DB cluster so that the change takes effect. For information about setting parameters, see Working with parameter groups. For more information about restarting the DB cluster, see Rebooting an Amazon Aurora DB cluster or Amazon Aurora DB instance.

As an example, the following Amazon CLI command sets the RAM disk parameter to 256 MB.

aws rds modify-db-cluster-parameter-group \ --db-cluster-parameter-group-name db-cl-pg-ramdisk-testing \ --parameters "ParameterName=rds.pg_stat_ramdisk_size, ParameterValue=256, ApplyMethod=pending-reboot"

After you restart the DB cluster, run the following command to see the status of the stats_temp_directory:

postgres=> SHOW stats_temp_directory;

The command should return the following:

stats_temp_directory --------------------------- /rdsdbramdisk/pg_stat_tmp (1 row)