Examining Aurora PostgreSQL query plans in the dba_plans view - Amazon Aurora
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Examining Aurora PostgreSQL query plans in the dba_plans view

Database users and administrators that have been granted the apg_plan_mgmt role can view and manage the plans stored in the apg_plan_mgmt.dba_plans. An Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster's administrator (someone with rds_superuser permissions) must explicitly grant this role to the database users who need to work with query plan management.

The apg_plan_mgmt view contains the plan history for all managed SQL statements for every database on the writer instance of the Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster. This view lets you examine plans, their state, when last used, and all other relevant details.

As discussed in Normalization and the SQL hash, each managed plan is identified by the combined SQL hash value and a plan hash value. With these identifiers, you can use tools such as Amazon RDS Performance Insights to track individual plan performance. For more information about Performance Insights, see Using Amazon RDS performance insights.

Listing managed plans

To list the managed plans, use a SELECT statement on the apg_plan_mgmt.dba_plans view. The following example displays some columns in the dba_plans view such as the status, which identifies the approved and unapproved plans.

SELECT sql_hash, plan_hash, status, enabled, stmt_name FROM apg_plan_mgmt.dba_plans; sql_hash | plan_hash | status | enabled | stmt_name ------------+-----------+------------+---------+------------ 1984047223 | 512153379 | Approved | t | rangequery 1984047223 | 512284451 | Unapproved | t | rangequery (2 rows)

For readability, the query and the output shown list just a few of the columns from the dba_plans view. For complete information, see Reference for the apg_plan_mgmt.dba_plans view.