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Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL releases and engine versions

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition releases are updated regularly. Updates are applied to Aurora PostgreSQL DB clusters during system maintenance windows. When updates are applied depends on the type of update, the Amazon Web Services Region, and maintenance window setting for the DB cluster. Many of the listed releases include both a PostgreSQL version number and an Amazon Aurora version number. However, starting with the release of PostgreSQL versions 13.3, 12.8, 11.13, 10.18, and for all other later versions, Aurora version numbers aren't used. To identify the version numbers of your Aurora PostgreSQL database, see Identifying versions of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL.

For information about extensions and modules, see Extension versions for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL.


For information about Amazon Aurora version policies and release timelines, see How long Amazon Aurora major versions remain available.

For information about support for Amazon Aurora see Amazon RDS FAQs.

To determine which Aurora PostgreSQL DB engine versions are available in an Amazon Web Services Region, use the describe-db-engine-versions Amazon CLI command. For example:

aws rds describe-db-engine-versions --engine aurora-postgresql --query '*[].[EngineVersion]' --output text --region aws-region

For a list of Amazon Web Services Regions, see Aurora PostgreSQL Region availability.

For details about the PostgreSQL versions that are available on Aurora PostgreSQL, see the Release Notes for Aurora PostgreSQL.