IPC:DamRecordTxAck - Amazon Aurora
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The IPC:DamRecordTxAck event occurs when Aurora PostgreSQL in a session using database activity streams generates an activity stream event, then waits for that event to become durable.

Relevant engine versions

This wait event information is relevant for all Aurora PostgreSQL 10.7 and higher 10 versions, 11.4 and higher 11 versions, and all 12 and 13 versions.


In synchronous mode, durability of activity stream events is favored over database performance. While waiting for a durable write of the event, the session blocks other database activity, causing the IPC:DamRecordTxAck wait event.


The most common cause for the IPC:DamRecordTxAck event to appear in top waits is that the Database Activity Streams (DAS) feature is a holistic audit. Higher SQL activity generates activity stream events that need to be recorded.


We recommend different actions depending on the causes of your wait event:

  • Reduce the number of SQL statements or turn off database activity streams. Doing this reduces the number of events that require durable writes.

  • Change to asynchronous mode. Doing this helps to reduce contention on the IPC:DamRecordTxAck wait event.

    However, the DAS feature can't guarantee the durability of every event in asynchronous mode.