aurora_stat_activity - Amazon Aurora
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Returns one row per server process, showing information related to the current activity of that process.





Return type

Returns one row per server process. In additional to pg_stat_activity columns, the following field is added:

  • planid – plan identifier

Usage notes

A supplementary view to pg_stat_activity returning the same columns with an additional plan_id column which shows the current query execution plan.

aurora_compute_plan_id must be enabled for the view to return a plan_id.

This function is available from Aurora PostgreSQL versions 14.10, 15.5, and for all other later versions.


The example query below aggregates the top load by query_id and plan_id.

db1=# select count(*), query_id, plan_id db1-# from aurora_stat_activity() where state = 'active' db1-# and pid <> pg_backend_pid() db1-# group by query_id, plan_id db1-# order by 1 desc; count | query_id | plan_id -------+----------------------+------------- 11 | -5471422286312252535 | -2054628807 3 | -6907107586630739258 | -815866029 1 | 5213711845501580017 | 300482084 (3 rows)

If the plan used for query_id changes, a new plan_id will be reported by aurora_stat_activity.

count | query_id | plan_id -------+----------------------+------------- 10 | -5471422286312252535 | 1602979607 1 | -6907107586630739258 | -1809935983 1 | -2446282393000597155 | -207532066 (3 rows)