aurora_stat_bgwriter - Amazon Aurora
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aurora_stat_bgwriter is a statistics view showing information about Optimized Reads cache writes.





Return type

SETOF record with all pg_stat_bgwriter columns and the following additional columns. For more information on pg_stat_bgwriter columns, see pg_stat_bgwriter.

You can reset stats for this function using pg_stat_reset_shared("bgwriter").

  • orcache_blks_written – Total number of optimized reads cache data blocks written.

  • orcache_blk_write_time – If track_io_timing is enabled, it tracks the total time spent writing optimized reads cache data file blocks, in milliseconds. For more information, see track_io_timing.

Usage notes

This function is available in the following Aurora PostgreSQL versions:

  • 15.4 and higher 15 versions

  • 14.9 and higher 14 versions


=> select * from aurora_stat_bgwriter(); -[ RECORD 1 ]-----------------+----------- orcache_blks_written | 246522 orcache_blk_write_time | 339276.404