aurora_stat_wait_type - Amazon Aurora
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Lists all supported wait types for Aurora PostgreSQL.





Return type

SETOF record with the following columns:

  • type_id – The ID of the type of wait event.

  • type_name – Wait type name.

Usage notes

To see wait event names with wait event types instead of IDs, use this function together with other functions such as aurora_stat_wait_event and aurora_stat_system_waits. Wait type names returned by this function are the same as those returned by the aurora_wait_report function.


The following example shows results from calling the aurora_stat_wait_type function.

=> SELECT * FROM aurora_stat_wait_type(); type_id | type_name ---------+----------- 1 | LWLock 3 | Lock 4 | BufferPin 5 | Activity 6 | Client 7 | Extension 8 | IPC 9 | Timeout 10 | IO 11 | LSN