Babelfish limitations - Amazon Aurora
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Babelfish limitations

The following limitations currently apply to Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL:

  • Babelfish currently doesn't support the following Aurora features:

    • Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments

    • Amazon Identity and Access Management

    • Database Activity Streams (DAS)

    • PostgreSQL logical replication

    • RDS Data API with Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless v2 and provisioned

    • RDS Proxy with RDS for SQL Server

    • Salted challenge response authentication mechanism (SCRAM)

    • Query editor

  • Babelfish currently doesn't support Kerberos based authentication for Active Directory groups.

  • Babelfish doesn't provide the following client driver API support:

    • API requests with the connection attributes related to Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) aren't supported. These include XA calls by the SQLServerXAResource class in the SQL server JDBC driver.

    • Babelfish supports connection pooling with drivers that use the latest versions of the TDS protocol. With older drivers, API requests with the connection attributes and methods related to connection pooling aren't supported.

  • Babelfish currently doesn't support the following Aurora PostgreSQL extensions:

    • bloom

    • btree_gin

    • btree_gist

    • citext

    • cube

    • hstore

    • hypopg

    • Logical replication using pglogical

    • ltree

    • pgcrypto

    • Query plan management using apg_plan_mgmt

    To learn more about PostgreSQL extensions, see Working with extensions and foreign data wrappers.

  • The open source jTDS driver that is designed as an alternative to the Microsoft JDBC driver is not supported.