Parameters for MySQL - Amazon Relational Database Service
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Parameters for MySQL

By default, a MySQL DB instance uses a DB parameter group that is specific to a MySQL database. This parameter group contains parameters for the MySQL database engine. For information about working with parameter groups and setting parameters, see Working with parameter groups.

RDS for MySQL parameters are set to the default values of the storage engine that you have selected. For more information about MySQL parameters, see the MySQL documentation. For more information about MySQL storage engines, see Supported storage engines for RDS for MySQL.

You can view the parameters available for a specific RDS for MySQL version using the RDS console or the Amazon CLI. For information about viewing the parameters in a MySQL parameter group in the RDS console, see Viewing parameter values for a DB parameter group.

Using the Amazon CLI, you can view the parameters for an RDS for MySQL version by running the describe-engine-default-parameters command. Specify one of the following values for the --db-parameter-group-family option:

  • mysql8.0

  • mysql5.7

For example, to view the parameters for RDS for MySQL version 8.0, run the following command.

aws rds describe-engine-default-parameters --db-parameter-group-family mysql8.0

Your output looks similar to the following.

{ "EngineDefaults": { "Parameters": [ { "ParameterName": "activate_all_roles_on_login", "ParameterValue": "0", "Description": "Automatically set all granted roles as active after the user has authenticated successfully.", "Source": "engine-default", "ApplyType": "dynamic", "DataType": "boolean", "AllowedValues": "0,1", "IsModifiable": true }, { "ParameterName": "allow-suspicious-udfs", "Description": "Controls whether user-defined functions that have only an xxx symbol for the main function can be loaded", "Source": "engine-default", "ApplyType": "static", "DataType": "boolean", "AllowedValues": "0,1", "IsModifiable": false }, { "ParameterName": "auto_generate_certs", "Description": "Controls whether the server autogenerates SSL key and certificate files in the data directory, if they do not already exist.", "Source": "engine-default", "ApplyType": "static", "DataType": "boolean", "AllowedValues": "0,1", "IsModifiable": false }, ...

To list only the modifiable parameters for RDS for MySQL version 8.0, run the following command.

For Linux, macOS, or Unix:

aws rds describe-engine-default-parameters --db-parameter-group-family mysql8.0 \ --query 'EngineDefaults.Parameters[?IsModifiable==`true`]'

For Windows:

aws rds describe-engine-default-parameters --db-parameter-group-family mysql8.0 ^ --query "EngineDefaults.Parameters[?IsModifiable==`true`]"