Warming the InnoDB cache - Amazon Relational Database Service
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Warming the InnoDB cache

The following stored procedures save, load, or cancel loading the InnoDB buffer pool on RDS for MySQL DB instances. For more information, see InnoDB cache warming for MySQL on Amazon RDS.


Dumps the current state of the buffer pool to disk.


CALL mysql.rds_innodb_buffer_pool_dump_now();

Usage notes

The master user must run the mysql.rds_innodb_buffer_pool_dump_now procedure.


Cancels a load of the saved buffer pool state while in progress.


CALL mysql.rds_innodb_buffer_pool_load_abort();

Usage notes

The master user must run the mysql.rds_innodb_buffer_pool_load_abort procedure.


Loads the saved state of the buffer pool from disk.


CALL mysql.rds_innodb_buffer_pool_load_now();

Usage notes

The master user must run the mysql.rds_innodb_buffer_pool_load_now procedure.