Supported DB instance classes for Amazon RDS on Amazon Outposts - Amazon Relational Database Service
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Supported DB instance classes for Amazon RDS on Amazon Outposts

Amazon RDS on Amazon Outposts supports the following DB instance classes:

  • General purpose DB instance classes

    • db.m5.24xlarge

    • db.m5.16xlarge

    • db.m5.12xlarge

    • db.m5.8xlarge

    • db.m5.4xlarge

    • db.m5.2xlarge

    • db.m5.xlarge

    • db.m5.large

  • Memory optimized DB instance classes

    • db.r5.24xlarge

    • db.r5.16xlarge

    • db.r5.12xlarge

    • db.r5.8xlarge

    • db.r5.4xlarge

    • db.r5.2xlarge

    • db.r5.xlarge

    • db.r5.large

Depending on how you've configured your Outpost, you might not have all of these classes available. For example, if you haven't purchased the db.r5 classes for your Outpost, you can't use them with RDS on Outposts.

Only general purpose SSD storage is supported for RDS on Outposts DB instances. For more information about DB instance classes, see DB instance classes.

Amazon RDS manages maintenance and recovery for your DB instances and requires active capacity on the Outpost to do so. We recommend that you configure N+1 EC2 instances for each DB instance class in your production environments. RDS on Outposts can use the extra capacity of these EC2 instances for maintenance and repair operations. For example, if your production environments have 3 db.m5.large and 5 db.r5.xlarge DB instance classes, then we recommend that they have at least 4 m5.large EC2 instances and 6 r5.xlarge EC2 instances. For more information, see Resilience in Amazon Outposts in the Amazon Outposts User Guide.